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Welcome to Oddiyana Institute

Oddiyana Institute is a non-profit organization which is established with the prime aim of supporting Buddhist Dharma Teachings in New York, USA. It was founded in the year 2022 AD .
• To provide a place where the younger generations and the interested community can learn and receive basic Buddhist teachings, ritual, study, and meditation practices

• To fully support Sangchhen Orgyen Tengyeling Monastery which is situated in Helambu, Nepal with the help of donations received from Oddiyana Institute in New York, USA….

Monastery rebuild (work in progress )

To promote, preserve, and conserve Buddhism as a religion.

To defend the rights of Buddhist followers based on the principle of religious tolerance.

To coordinate with the government and other non- government organizations to help introduce education materials,  religion, arts…

Founder : Sen Gyaljen Lama

Lama, Sen Gyaljen is the founder of Sangchhen Orgyen Tengyeling Monastery. He was born in 1971 AD in Helambu-1, Sindhupalchowk, Nepal. He is the son of Nima Jangpo Lama and Late Yangchhen Wangmo Lama. He started his Buddhist Scripture Education from his respected father…


The Sangchhen Orgyen Tengyeling Monastery is in the remote sacred site of Hyolmo, blessed by Guru Padmasambhava. The monastery began with the name Pema Dechhen Chhyoling which was later re-named by H.H. Kyapche Jadral Sangye Dorjee …

Young Monks of Sangchhen Orgyen Tengyeling Monastery

Some people in the Helambu region live in relative poverty and children do not have access to quality education. The Sangchhen Orgyen Tengyeling Monastery has a mission to deliver educational services. This monastery takes an…

Board Members Of Sangchhen Orgyen Tengyeling Monastery

Pasang Lama

Kumar Tamang
vice president

Pemba Sherpa

Chiring lama

Phurpa lama

Pasang Kinjo Lama

Nurpu Lama

Dolma Lama

Putali Lamini

Sen Gyaljen Lama
Chief Lama

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