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Lama, Sen Gyaljen is the founder of Sangchhen Orgyen Tengyeling Monastery. He was born in 1971 AD in Helambu-1, Sindhupalchowk, Nepal. He is the son of Nima Jangpo Lama and Late Yangchhen Wangmo Lama.

He started his Buddhist Scripture Education from his respected father, Nima Jangpo Lama, who is the Omje (who performs rituals after the Head Lama) of the village.

He completed “Ngendo” at the age of ten years. He completed “Thu Tsenpo” / “Thutup” at the age of eleven years. He completed “Tsyador” and “Tsidup” at the age of 17 years. He completed “Tsam” with the proper guidance and supervision of Lopen Lama Kami Gyaltsen. He completed course” Hyolmo gi Jyangter Lhug Tsoka Tsyale” and “Hyolmo Jyanter Gartsyam” . He Received “Wang” and “Lhung” from H.H Late Kyapche Taklung Tsetul Rinpoche and Kyapche Gongjang Rinpoche. His another respected teacher is Lopen Mheme Ngawang Rinpoche. He has also received “Thi” and “Lhung” from Khenpo Rinpoche Nima Dindup.

He has been actively supporting and volunteering in the development of the village. He and his friends have sponsored a permanent secondary school teacher to Golma Devi Secondary School located in Helambu VDC-8, Nepal. He also helps students enter the Namdroling Monastery, Mysore, India.

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