Oddiyana Institute



Oddiyana Institute is a non-profit organization which is established with the prime aim of supporting Buddhist Dharma Teachings in New York, USA. It was founded in the year 2022 AD.


• To provide a place where the younger generations and the interested community can learn and receive basic Buddhist teachings, ritual, study, and meditation practices

• To create a place where religious aspirations can be fulfilled

• To fully support Sangchhen Orgyen Tengyeling Monastery which is situated in Helambu, Nepal with the help of donations received from Oddiyana Institute in New York, USA

• To put forward the efforts in reconstructing and completing the construction and management of the Sangchhen Orgyen Tengyeling Monastery

• To deliver quality educational services to local orphans and children from poor families who will be provided secondary education (Up to Grade 10) with boarding, food, and clothing at no cost by sending them to school in the village. And they will receive Buddhist Dharma Teachings from the Monastery.

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